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Everyone has a specific favorite album. There's something about seeing a vinyl in your hands that brings back specific memories, emotions, and lyrics. Music is personal to everyone. Stephen Wilson took this category even more personal by reminiscing where his career started, in a rock band based out of NJ in the 80s. Who knew that many years later, he would be embracing the subject of music within his new artwork.


This collection took the longest to even start! There was so much to consider. Every album has its own design. Some album covers featured iconic images (Abbey Road by The Beatles), some feature iconic artists (designs by Andy Warhol), and others were labeled as controversial at the time (Nevermind by Nirvana). 


The following pieces of work feature 1 artist's proof and 8 editions, making the series limited and even more special than previous works. 


*Please note all albums are made to order, for availability and shipping times please contact the studio at studio@stephenwilsonstudio.comAll sales are final.


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