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Properly Install Your Pieces With Our Help..




Taking your space to the next level has never been easier with our installation system. It can be tricky process creating a cohesive environment of multiple art pieces. That’s why we’ve taken matters in our own hands and created pieces specifically for modular displays. Every piece is designed in a set system of measurements, allowing for an easy selection process of various sized pieces. For instance, a grouping of 12” x 12” sized pieces can hang easily with 26” x 26” pieces, as well as other sizes offered. It is essential to hang the pieces so that a 2” gap is created between each. Therefore whether you’re hanging two pieces or thirty, the measurements will always stay the same. Arrangements can be made with pieces from our luxury and albums collections. Various sizes and styles are offered within each collection.  

Each piece comes with a metal cleat pre-attached to the back. More cleats are included with each piece to be mounted onto the wall where placement is desired. The bottom of the wall cleat to the top of the art piece will measure 2”. The horizontal measurement from the sides of the art piece to the edge of the cleat measures roughly 4.5”. From the bottom of the piece to the bottom of the cleat will measure 10”. Wall cleats should be spaced in order to keep a 2" inch spacing between all the pieces. It does not matter whether you're hanging two pieces or thirty, the measurements will always stay the same.


If you are hanging multiple pieces in various sizes for an arrangement, it’s important to always hang the provided wall cleats as if you are hanging only 12” x 12” pieces. This will allow for an easy re-arrangement of pieces whenever you want. 


Here is a measurement guide for how the pieces hang to form arrangements:

Butterfly Arrangements



The installation of our various butterflies brings delightful new life to any space. It’s been the result of a long term project determining the ideal way to create and arrange individual butterflies – some in sets of 12, others in sets of 24 – each with intricate details that those can marvel at. We even give you the choice between temporary installations, which can be rearranged easily, or permanent installations that bestow an everlasting state of beauty on your chosen space. You no longer have to settle for what nature has given us when it comes to butterflies; our butterflies bring elegance and innovation to any room!



Maintenance For Acrylic Frames



For general cleaning and scratch repair on pieces, we recommend the Novus line of acrylic cleaners and restoration products. At minimum, we suggest using the Novus 1 plastic clean and shine bottle for everyday care in removing prints and dust. Only use a micro-fiber towel when cleaning acrylics to prevent scratching. We also recommend using nitrile gloves when when handling the art pieces in order to prevent finger prints from forming onto the acrylic cases. When using any of the recommended products, please follow the manufacturers instructions for use.