Tattoo You, Rolling Stones

Embroidery stitched directly through a vinyl record sleeve. 

12x12x2 inches, framed in acrylic.

Edition of 8, plus one artist's proof.

     Tattoo you was the first Rolling Stones album that I purchased and it is still one of my favorites. Start me up is probably still my favorite Rolling Stones song. This album started as a special commission, it was an album that my friend's father had left her when he passed away. She wanted to commemorate it as a piece of art. The imagery is an illustration of a tattooed woman with full face tattoos. I started by adding red glitter appliqué to the background and silver glitter appliqué as the face. I then stitched over 100,000 stitches on top of the fabric appliqués to complete the face. The glitter of the fabrics really add to the glamour of this piece.


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