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  • Take a deep dive into the Cherry Blossom pieces - Stephen Wilson Studio

    Take a deep dive into the Cherry Blossom pieces

    For this entry into the creative process I wanted to do a deep dive into one of my favorite pieces to create, The Cherry Blossom. I created my first Cherry...

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  • How the Painted Pieces are created - Stephen Wilson Studio

    How the Painted Pieces are created

    Our Painted pieces feature a variety of backgrounds, from museum-quality matte board to recycled luxury boxes that have been transformed into stunning landscapes. Each silhouette is carefully crafted from luxurious...

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  • How I designed the Pure artwork series - Stephen Wilson Studio

    How I designed the Pure artwork series

    As an artist, for most of my journey I have leaned towards maximalism and embellishment. Over the last 30 years I have worked using textiles and embroidery, embroidery is essentially...

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  • Take a look behind the scenes at how a Pom Pom artwork is created - Stephen Wilson Studio

    Take a look behind the scenes at how a Pom Pom artwork is created

    In this article you will gain insight into how Stephen Wilson creates his Pom Pom art pieces. Stephen Wilson expertly crafts extraordinary and timeless designs using sustainable materials. Each art...

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  • DELUXE Styles - Stephen Wilson Studio

    DELUXE Styles

    The new ‘Deluxe’ works of art are created using deconstructed luxury packaging that is cut intricately into numerous strips. Once the material is cut, embroidered stitches that have been carefully...

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  • The Mystical Event - Stephen Wilson Studio

    The Mystical Event

    The 'Mystical Collection' is a series of art works that was born out of the many truths and reflections that I found throughout tarot cards. Tarot cards have been known to...

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  • Second-Life Pieces - Stephen Wilson Studio

    Second-Life Pieces

    'Second-Life' pieces have always taken a unique approach to the up-cycling concept that truly makes up the backbone of every piece made here at the studio. Instead of taking a...

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  • Stacked by Reservoir Dinner Party - Stephen Wilson Studio

    Stacked by Reservoir Dinner Party

    A great dinner party hosted by STACKED by reservoir. The Brentwood, LA collectors event showcased just how amazing Alissa Matkovich's retail store, selling the industry's top jewelry brands, really is!...

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  • Silvia Furmanovich Collaboration - Stephen Wilson Studio

    Silvia Furmanovich Collaboration

    The most pleasant evening hosted by Tiny Gods Jewelry - welcoming designer, Silvia Furmanovich. The night consisted of a beautiful dinner and gathering of numerous friends and Silvia's collection of...

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  • The Work Space - Stephen Wilson Studio

    The Work Space

    Creating the ideal work environment is honestly a crucial step in the everyday development of designing each and every piece here at the studio. By having a defined work space,...

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  • Bergdorf Goodman Collaboration - Stephen Wilson Studio

    Bergdorf Goodman Collaboration

    Bergdorf Goodman x Stephen Wilson Studio, our most recent collaboration. Take a look at pieces below made entirely with up-cycled bags from the flagship store. From our popular 'Hamsa' to the...

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  • Aqua Art Show - Stephen Wilson Studio

    Aqua Art Show

    Aqua Art Show - Art Basel Miami  Stephen Wilson Studio had the pleasure of once again attending the 2022 Aqua Art Show in South Beach, Miami. This unique fair is...

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