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About the luxury pieces

Stephen Wilson expertly crafts extraordinary and timeless designs using sustainable materials. Each art piece embarks on a journey, starting with an up-cycled luxury bag, box, silk scarf, or album. Wilson meticulously creates a bespoke embroidery design, delicately intertwining every stitch by hand. Once the design, colors, and elements are meticulously selected, the artistic process advances to the assembling stage. The boxes and bags undergo a mesmerizing transformation, metamorphosing into captivating canvases for Wilson's creations. The embroidery is seamlessly integrated into the chosen medium, unveiling a captivating texture that breathes life into the artwork. Appliqués, patches, and butterflies are individually stitched out, meticulously crafted, and delicately placed on each piece, culminating in a truly distinctive and unparalleled masterpiece. Finally, each artwork is beautifully presented, encased in an acrylic frame, ready to enchant all who behold it.

Floral Petals

Sweeping floral petals decorate these up-cycled luxury boxes with beautiful embroidery. The floral petals  pieces are among our most popular and a must for any collection. The embroidered butterflies are added in relief to the background and are available in either natural or tonal colors. 

Cherry Blossoms

The Cherry Blossom pieces are among the most beloved at the studio. There are multiple size variations available and they can be ordered in traditional colors or as neutral colors. The pieces starts with an embroidered luxury box or bag. The embroidery is stitched directly through the box using tonal thread to create the base of the cherry tree. Embroidered lace flowers are then collaged onto the box for more dimension and embroidered butterflies are added as a final touch.


All of the gypsy pieces have a few things in common, whether it is a 5”x5” petite or a 56”x56” Horse, they are all created using collage and assemblage.  I start with a silhouette of the design I am creating and then slowly build the layers of flowers and elements, mixing all of these styles and colors together to form something completely new. I love how all of the patterns, colors and textures swirl together. The closer you get to one of the pieces the more detail you will notice. Each gypsy style piece is completely unique. 


The symmetry pieces were created by first designing and embroidering a vintage bandana pattern right through a luxury box. The colors of thread that are used are always bright and vibrant. Once the embroidery is complete tonally embroidered butterflies are added to the background in a symmetric pattern.  

Pom Pom's

Each pom pom is carefully crafted from up-cycled luxury scarves, hand selected for their exquisite patterns. Most of the scarves used are remnants from those we use for our silhouette and love pieces. Individually hand-rolled and inserted, these pom poms come together to form a stunning mosaic. Hundreds of these handmade pom poms are required to create each piece, with a range in sizes from 1/2" to 2". The combination of various sizes and scarves creates a truly magical effect. Customers have the option of choosing a minimalist museum board finish or an embroidered collage background made from up-cycled luxury boxes.

Cowboy Hat

I have been always fascinated by embellishing and decorating objects as you can tell from all of my work. When you watch someone create a custom cowboy hat it is truly fascinating, from the steaming, molding and burning to the embellishing with hat bands, branding, jewelry and objects. I wanted to create my own version of the cowboy hat with embroidery and I wanted to make it a work of art while keeping all of the options of a custom cowboy hat. .


All of the Parade pieces start with a background created from luxury boxes and bags that have been deconstructed, collaged and then embroidered into one large background All of the horses in the stampedes are created using up-cycled luxury scarves that are stitched and then laser cut onto the box. The parades are available in any color combination as well as any luxury brand. 

floral Corner

The floral corners start with an embroidered luxury box or bag. The embroidery is stitched directly through the box using tonal thread to create an intriguing background. The flowers in the corner are designed, embroidered and added to the background as a collage. The butterflies are also embroidered in the studio and add to the box as a final step. The floral corner pieces are available using any brand in three different sizes. 


All of the typography pieces start with a background created from luxury boxes and bags that have been deconstructed, collaged and then embroidered into one large background. The lettering starts with a luxury scarf that is embroidered, appliquéd, and then mounted in relief to the background. The butterflies are all individually embroidered to harmoniously blend with the background and scarf colors. The embellished butterflies are lastly mounted in relief for a dimensional effect. Each typography piece is available using the packaging from any brand and in multiple color variations. The lettering and butterflies are also created custom for each piece once a desired theme is chosen. 


The canvas is created using up-cycled luxury boxes and shopping bags that are embroidered, collaged and combined to create a unique background. The backgrounds are designed to compliment each icon. The icons themselves are created using a multitude of techniques. Embroidery, appliqué and yarn embroidery are just of a few of the techniques used to complete the icons. Once finished the icons are mounted in relief. For certain icons more embellishments are added like embroidered butterflies. 


The serpents are available in 26”x12” and 12”x12” sizes. They are both created in the same manner. Each snake is created with hundreds of silk appliqué pieces. The silk is created from solid silk twills mixed with silk luxury scarves.  The snakes are stitched directly through the luxury boxes. Once the snakes are finished embroidered butterflies are added to the piece to add dimension. The large pieces are created using a collage background and the smaller ones from a single box. The snakes will make a striking addition to your installation and are available in any color combination and brand of box. 

Eiffel Tower

All of the Eiffel Tower  pieces start with a background created from luxury boxes and bags that have been deconstructed, collaged and then embroidered into one large background The Eiffel Tower itself is embroidered directly through the background. The embroidered butterflies are added in relief to the tower and are available in either natural or tonal colors. 

butterfly Swarm

The butterfly monograms are the staple pieces to any of my installations and they are the ones that started it all! I am always creating new swarms in different configurations with unique background stitching for the boxes.. The pieces start with a background created from luxury boxes and bags that are deconstructed, The butterflies are all embroidered in my studio and are created for each piece. They are available in any size configuration as well as any style of box and there are always new variants being added.


The Landscape pieces all start with their unique backgrounds. Luxury boxes, bags, ribbons and fabrics are all combined into natural landscape scenes. Multiple brands are used, the skies could be Tiffany blue shopping bags, the mountains gucci fabric and Hermes ribbons and the grass, green Gucci boxes. Each of the backgrounds are unique. Once the background is complete the silhouette is created. There are over a dozen different silhouettes, horses, cowboys, bison, lions and others. Each silhouette is created using a luxury scarf that is padded, quilted and mounted in relief over the background. Due to the unique nature of the landscape pieces they are all different. 

butterfly Surprise

For these pieces, since I use luxury bags in the creative process I wanted to recreate a shopping bag into the pieces. This piece starts with a luxury bag that is deconstructed, embroidered and then reconstructed back into a bag shape. Luxury scarf remnants are then draped and mounted so they appear to be flowing out of the bag. Embroidered butterflies are then dimensionally mounted to appear exploding out of the bag. These pieces are available in 12”x12”,  12”x26” sizes as well as 12”x40” sizes. They can be created using most luxury brands and color combinations depending on chosen size and availability. 

Pop Art

I am excited about these pieces. Pop art has always been a huge inspiration of mine, the use of bold color and imagery has always been appealing to me. The first few pieces in this collection focus primarily on stripes. Each piece started by embroidering striped fabric using dozens of pieces of silk and then using that fabric as an applique in the pieces. I am also experimenting with reverse silhouettes in these pieces. You will notice icons created and mounted in relief as well as icons created with luxury up-cycled boxes and the fabric mounted in relief