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Second-Life Pieces - Stephen Wilson Studio

Second-Life Pieces

'Second-Life' pieces have always taken a unique approach to the up-cycling concept that truly makes up the backbone of every piece made here at the studio. Instead of taking a vintage luxury bag, deconstructing the material, and re-assembling the scraps for a canvas, the material is compiled back into a bag that will be the artworks main element. There are numerous ways these pieces of work are designed. Whether with a floral approach, mystical, or more modern, our 'Second-Life' bag pieces can be devised in a various of styles to produce the most special piece of art. 

Reach out for more information on these specific pieces. Commissions in this style are available. Have an old luxury bag you no longer use but don't want to discard? We will work with you to turn your item/s into the most special piece of artwork! Email us at


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