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DELUXE Styles - Stephen Wilson Studio


The new ‘Deluxe’ works of art are created using deconstructed luxury packaging that is cut intricately into numerous strips. Once the material is cut, embroidered stitches that have been carefully digitized into a synchronous pattern is collaged as an edge-to-edge background. This entire process is how each and every canvas comes to be. For all the larger new deluxe styles, this way of assemblage allows for the full use of size of frame and the main design element to be larger. 



Each strip can be seen constructed with up-cycled luxury shopping bag material. They are arranged into a vintage American quilt-inspired background to form the artworks canvas. Each piece is carefully embroidered with geometric patterns in a luxurious wool/cashmere blend thread, then pieced together to create a stunning tapestry.

These designs are unlike any other - combining traditional quilting patterns with modern colors and patterns. Stand out with a sustainable and stylish statement piece for your desired space. With each meticulously crafted canvas, with an array of luxury designer options available, there is a distinct and exclusive piece for everyone. Once assembled, the elements of the piece are expertly mounted to create a stunning finished product.



The stunning edge-to-edge design produced with intricate detail is guaranteed to impress. Explore a variety of new and staple designs that have been transformed with this new style. Feel free to reach out for even more information at

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