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Their Satanic Majesties Request, Rolling Stones


Embroidery stitched directly through a vinyl record sleeve. 

12x12x2 inches, framed in acrylic.

Edition of 8, plus one artist's proof.

     This is one of the only Rolling Stones albums that I had never purchased until starting this series. The album was released in 1967 and it featured the band in full psychedelic garb in a lenticular photograph. When I stumbled across the vintage album in a record shop I knew I had to do something with it. Embroidering through a lenticular image is impossible so I explored other options. I started by custom winding yarn to match the clouds of smoke on the outside of the album and embroidered the blue yarn with white to create beautiful tufted clouds. Then I used the centerfold of the album, gorgeous psychedelic imagery, to laser cut butterflies. I then applied the butterflies to the cloud background and to the lenticular photograph.


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