A Day at the Races, Queen

Embroidery stitched directly through a vinyl record sleeve. 

12x12x2 inches, framed in acrylic.

Edition of 8, plus one artist's proof.

     Queen’s album, A Day at the Races, was released following their hugely successful, A Night at the Opera. Both of those albums featured slightly different crests designed by the band, one on a black background and one on white. I had been debating which one to create first. However, a commission solved the dilemma for me and the work for A Day at the Races was begun. I started by creating a wallpaper background that consisted of geometric lines and crowns. I stitched the crowns in tonal black yarn to created a tufted raised effect. I then stitched the elaborate crest, which consists of lions, fairies, a crab and a phoenix as a patch. The crest alone has over 75,000 hand placed stitches in it. The crest and typography were mounted onto the album last.


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