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Iconic Petites - Stephen Wilson Studio

Iconic Petites


Inspired by iconography, pop art, and vintage patches, this newest petite series is sure to catch your eye! With so many different styles and icons to select from, it's hard to pick just one favorite. From UFO's, mushrooms, disco balls and skulls, these fun petites are unlike anything we've ever done before. The pop art design of each takes on imagery from popular and mass cultural objects. The psychedelic style of the icons show intricate detail with a groovy influence of the late '60s. 

Not only are these petites truly unique, but the bold and bright colors of each make it a perfect pair with their up-cycled backgrounds of vibrant orange Hermes boxes, blue Tiffany, green Gucci and lots more. 

Each petite piece from this Iconic Series is made with various up-cycled luxury materials. The embroidered icons on each petite have been hand digitized and mounted over different styles of backgrounds. The mounting process provides depth to each piece, giving that super iconic and show stopping look. Each fun little 5" x 5" piece is framed in an acrylic casing and shipped in luxury packaging. 

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