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The New Butterflies - Stephen Wilson Studio

The New Butterflies


The Butterfly Swarm Kits are now available in a completely new way! Now, you can design your very own swarm arrangement with one butterfly at a time! With over 20 different butterfly breeds offered - each in 4 sizes, the possibilities are endless. Each butterfly comes mounted and molded on an acrylic base creating each wing to look like they're in motion. The butterflies come easy to hang using their included 3M command strips. Using this method allows you to move and reposition them as you add or move your installation. The 4” size butterflies have over 50,000 delicately embroidered stitches, while the larger 12” butterflies have over 300,000.

The concept of creating individual butterflies for home installations has been a long term project. No room is ever the same, just like butterflies. Whether you’re piecing a dozen or selecting hundreds, they’re each made to captivate the viewer and reflect on the light that is transferring onto a wall. Each butterfly, with thousands of unique stitches, is meant to keep the viewer forever fascinated about the space they’ve created.

Arrange and rearrange your butterflies any way you please! Seen here are 12 different butterfly styles, installed with a swarm look by a doorway. With a realistic color scheme, these butterflies will make any room or space pop. Want a tonal look? Customize your butterflies when selecting your favorite styles, and pick your desired color scheme.

Already have a Butterfly Swarm Kit? Now with the option of various sizes, adding more butterflies to your collection has never been more fun. Pop in a few different sizes to your current swarm installation and allow the butterflies to do the rest! With different sizes and styles your butterfly swarm is sure to look impeccable.


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