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Shine a Light When It's Gray Out @ Art Angels Beverly Hills - Stephen Wilson Studio

Shine a Light When It's Gray Out @ Art Angels Beverly Hills

Artist Stephen Wilson’s new series Shine a Light When It’s Gray Out is making its way to Beverly Hills after a successful run on the east coast with New Gallery of Modern Art. With multiple sought-after and highly fashionable works and an extensive portfolio to select from, as well as a prominence that seems to have blossomed overnight, this exhibition brings together and puts forth an exquisitely intricate series, and a highly anticipated West Coast debut for Wilson.


A closer look at the trajectory of Wilson’s career, one discovers the many years of conceptualizing as well as personal inspirations he has drawn from. Shine a Light When It’s Gray Out celebrates a love of fashion, a familial connection to embroidery, (as his grandmother inspired him to turn designer shoe boxes into fine art), and a desire to bring beauty, warmth, opulence and elegance through textured paint and millions of stitches.

Wilson acknowledges the ongoing trend of our turbulent social and political landscapes with work that is perceptively natural and vibrant. On April 19th, Wilson, for the first time, comes to California on the wings of spring, reminding us that while we must confront the reality of current events and climates, there are ways to unify, come together and soar into the future. Step into a world of luxurious textures, vivid butterflies, and dynamic color palettes as Wilson sets signs of Spring - a time of change, optimism and renewal - against dark backgrounds. The backgrounds not only allude to recent global climates but also serve to emphasize the vibrant power of positivity that, lifting out of the dark, becomes so close at hand. Wilson has exhibited nationally and internationally, making his mark on Miami, New York, Saint Tropez and more. Come celebrate this exhibition at Art Angels Gallery and walk among transportive installations that will leave you feeling elevated and immersed in the new season. 

View exhibition catalogue online here:

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