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Western Arrangement

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Tell your story with an arrangement

I design my pieces to be combined so that you can tell your story by creating a unique arrangement.  The frames and sizes have all been sized to place together in mosaics. The lion that represents strength, for example, hangs perfectly with the Love and Eiffel Tower pieces. The 12"x12" pieces hang easily alongside the larger ones. The options are unlimited. I design these modular combinations to grow over time. If you have a new favorite, you can hang it alongside your existing pieces. No story is ever the same, your artwork should share yours.

The western arrangement has all of the designs need to create an amazing installation, gypsy, painted, butterflies, flowers and a cowboy hat. The colors and textures all work amazingly together. The measurements when installed are 40" high by 68" wide. The set includes:

12"x12" - Serpent on Gucci

12"x12" - floral Corner on Gucci

26"x26" Aspen Cowboy hat on LV

12"x12" Gypsy Heart on pure background

12"x12" Painted Cowboy Boot on Gucci

12"x12" Gypsy Cavalier on Gucci

26"x26" LV Second Life on Pure background

12"x12" Horseshoe on LV

12"x26" Floral Petal on LV

26"x12" Howdy on Gucci 

Each of these unique arrangements is custom-made exclusively for you. Every piece can be substituted with one of the same size. Each thread will be thoughtfully chosen to harmonize. You even have the option of selecting custom typography, embroidered with the same care and attention as the rest of the pieces. Create your dream piece today.