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Color stories

Each of the pieces created in the studio are designed to be enjoyed by themselves or hung together in a gallery wall. All of the different sizes are designed to perfectly fit together and create unique arrangements. Since this is the case we want to make sure the pieces look perfect together so you can order your custom pieces in different color stories, some examples are Signature, Heritage, Pink and Ex Chroma. The following examples will demonstrate how changing the colors can change whole look of a piece.

The Signature pieces are in the colors that you have been seeing the work in for years. Vibrant pinks,. turquoise, orange, yellows and bright colors. We use bright luxury scarves and brilliant thread colors to make these pieces pop. All of the pieces in the Signature colors are sure to hang brilliantly on your wall

The Heritage pieces are all based on earth tones, brown, rust, beige, golden and sage. There are pops of color in these pieces as well but they venture too far into jewel tones. The horses and western pieces are a natural choice for these colors. The warm tones of the Heritage pieces hang perfectly together.

The pink color story wil bring joy to anyone that sees it. We have always used pink in our signature pieces and pink has always been one of our most popular colors. So we decided to add some pink to the pink and create some of our most beloved pieces in the pink color versions. They look stunning in shades of bubble gum. cotton candy and fuscia. The pink pieces make wonderful arrangements.

My art has long been associated with vibrant colors like oranges, pinks, and blues. Exploring the absence of color, I removed it completely to create pieces that are chic, modern, and perfect for any decor.