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Talking Heads, More Songs About Buildings and Food

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Embroidery mounted directly over a vinyl record sleeve.

12x12x2 inches, framed in acrylic.

     Hands down this has been the hardest piece in the series so far. This is the Talking Heads' second album released in 1978 and contained the hit “Take me to the River.” The art for the album consists of a stylized painting of the band members that is then cut into about 500 little squares and placed back together. I digitized each of the squares using very small embroidery stitches and over 50 colors of thread. Each square was then cut out individually and mounted to the album. This may not sound that difficult but it truly was a process that took at least triple the amount of time a regular album would take. Keeping the pieces organized and placing them perfectly was a long process. The finished piece was amazing once it was complete, the individual tiles truly give the piece a unique look and style.



Designed and crafted with a modern eye and luxurious up-cycled materials. These reimagined pieces have their own unique style. 


An exquisite blend of hand-digitized embroidery, collage and assemblage goes into each and every piece. 


Pieces are framed in clear acrylic ready for display and presented in luxurious packaging.