Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves, Cher

Embroidery stitched directly through a vinyl record sleeve. 

12x12x2 inches, framed in acrylic.

Edition of 8, plus one artist's proof.

     What can I possibly say about Cher that hasn’t been said? She has been an icon since the 1960’s and continues to produce great music to this day. She was on the scene 20 years before Madonna was famous for being provocative as well as an amazing singer and actress. The Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves album is from the early 1970’s and features a close up of Cher with her hair flowing over her face. The inspiration for this album came from a famous collector who was installing a large grouping in his hotel. He felt that Cher should hang right next to Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Rihanna, and I completely agree. I embroidered the album in silk and rayon thread and added her trademark logo as a patch mounted onto the album's surface.


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