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Wall Installations 

Take a look at our variety of installs! Whether it's designing a modular piece arrangement or installing a permanent butterfly kit, we're here to help. Check out each below. 

Modular Wall Arrangements 


From any style, size or color, every luxury piece is designed to fit perfectly in a grid for a modular wall arrangement. There are so many ways to arrange and re-arrange your very own wall of pieces from the Luxury Collection - and we're here to help! Let us guide you in creating the most beautiful arrangement of pieces fit for any desired space. Whether it's a 12 or 32 block grid, your wall space and selection of pieces will be unlike anyone else's!

Seen here is a hallway arrangement filled with various sizes of pieces. With so much to choose from it can be a tricky process of finding the perfect styles to pair together. To start your own arrangement, email us and we'll create your very own mock-up!


Butterfly Kit Installation


No space is the same after a Butterfly Kit Installation. The concept of creating individual butterflies for an in-store or at home installation has been a long term project with the most beautiful results. Whether it's a 12 or 24 set kit, each butterfly captivates the viewer with intricate detail and precise placing. With the option of a temporary or permanent installation, one can arrange their butterfly kit however desired. Our temporary butterflies allow for an easy process of arranging and re-arranging, while giving the same affect as our permanent kits. 



Custom Wall Arrangement