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Learn about our Petite Series - Stephen Wilson Studio

Learn about our Petite Series

Stephen Wilson introduced his very popular petites in the fall of 2020 and they quickly became a favorite of many! 

These smaller versions of art are created using all of the same techniques and elements you will see in his larger pieces.

The begin with up-cycled luxury boxes which are combined with embroidery, appliqué, and butterflies. 

These pieces are designed to be modular and compatible with the entire series, making them a perfect addition for larger arrangements. They also make a great gift for any current or future art collector starting their own collection.

The petites can be purchased on our website from ready-to-ship inventory or made to order.

Reach out to the studio for more information about these beautiful petite pieces of art.

Petites are available in size 5"x5" or 5"x12" and all come framed in acrylic, signed by the artist and packaged in a gift box.