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Whenever a new series of pieces is started they usually borrow an element or two from a previous series The butterflies, for example started from my Americana series. The blooms  started as elements from my Gypsy series. As I experimented with the flowers in the Gypsy pieces they took on a life of their own and the blooms were born. Each of the blooms are created using multiple layers of embroidered silk that are hand formed into floral blooms. Each flower is finished wither hand wrapped silk Pom Pom created from up-cycled luxury scarves. 

For the initial release i have created the pieces in groupings of three blooms in 5”x12” acrylic frames. Some of the pieces are created using ombré colors and others in complimentary colors. They are offered in branded and pure versions. 

The blooms look perfect on bookshelves or hanging. They also look amazing when hung in large arrangements, custom Blooms can be created in any color.