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Custom Gypsy Guitar 26"x40"

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I have been playing guitar since I was 10 years old, playing music was my first passion. I have never, until this day created a fully embroidered guitar. I thought the guitar would be the perfect compliment to the album series.

The Gypsy Guitar is created in multiple layers. The first part designed was the background using luxury brand paper packaging. The bags were broken down, cut into pieces, collaged together, and then embroidered into one large background. The guitar element was embroidered as one large piece and then silk appliqués and numerous free-standing pieces were layered together. Lace flowers, flowers created with Hermes scarves as well as embroidered butterflies were added one at a time to create the stunning focal point. 

26x40x2 inches, framed in acrylic.


The backgrounds

The guitars