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Petite Tiffany Bag 5"x5"

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We've wanted to create a miniature shopping bag as a petite for some time. We've been using this technique in our Butterfly Surprise pieces, and a miniature one sounded like a fun challenge. We start with a small jewelry or accessory shopping bag, deconstruct it, then embroider it. The bag is the re-constructed over a form. Handles are added and we stuff each bag with remnants of luxury scarves. The bag is finished with two embroidered butterflies mounted in relief on the bag.

Each petite is framed and mounted in acrylic.

Each is unique and signed and numbered on the back

Framed size is 5” wide by 5” high


About the artist :

Stephen Wilson expertly crafts extraordinary and timeless designs using sustainable materials. Each art piece embarks on a journey, starting with an up-cycled luxury bag, box, silk scarf, or album. Wilson meticulously creates a bespoke embroidery design, delicately intertwining every stitch by hand. Once the design, colors, and elements are meticulously selected, the artistic process advances to the assembling stage. The boxes and bags undergo a mesmerizing transformation, metamorphosing into captivating canvases for Wilson's creations. The embroidery is seamlessly integrated into the chosen medium, unveiling a captivating texture that breathes life into the artwork. Appliqués, patches, and butterflies are individually stitched out, meticulously crafted, and delicately placed on each piece, culminating in a truly distinctive and unparalleled masterpiece. Finally, each artwork is beautifully presented, encased in an acrylic frame, ready to enchant all who behold it.