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Petite Icon 5"x5"

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The icon pieces have the most diverse range of subject matter, Hamsas, Lions, bees, skulls and many others. They all start in the same manner, with the creation of the canvas. The canvas is created using up-cycled luxury boxes and shopping bags that are embroidered, collaged and combined to create a unique background. The backgrounds are designed to compliment each icon. The icons themselves are created using a multitude of techniques. Embroidery, appliqué and yarn embroidery are just of a few of the techniques used to complete the icons. Once finished the icons are mounted in relief. For certain icons more embellishments are added like embroidered butterflies. 

5x5x2 inches, framed in acrylic.




Designed and crafted with a modern eye and luxurious up-cycled materials. These reimagined pieces have their own unique style. 


An exquisite blend of hand-digitized embroidery, collage and assemblage goes into each and every piece. 


Pieces are framed in clear acrylic ready for display and presented in luxurious packaging.