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Hamsa - Special Order 26"x26"

SKU: cus-hamsa-26"x26"

Special Order Hamsa

This piece is available using any luxury brand box.

The Hamsa is an ancient symbol that represents protection and good fortune. The 12” size is created using a single luxury bag or box while the larger sizes are created from luxury boxes and bags that are deconstructed, collaged and then embroidered into one large background. The Hamsa itself is full embroidered with over 30 colors of thread and over 150,000 stitches. When completed the Hamsa is mounted in relief on the background. 

Delivery Time 4-6 weeks 

All of the luxury pieces are created using up-cycled luxury items like scarves, boxes and bags. No printing or reproduction of the logos is used when creating these pieces. 


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