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Gypsy Guitar 12"x26"

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All of the gypsy pieces have a few things in common, whether it is a 5”x5” petite or a 56”x56” Horse, they are all created using collage and assemblage. There are multiple types of elements in each piece, the main element is the Gypsy Flowers. Everything we create in the studio is based on the principal of up-cycling and making sure that nothing goes to waste. When we use a luxury scarf for a larger project, all of the remnants are saved and are turned into the Gypsy Flowers or Pom-Poms. The flowers are created in dozens of sizes and shapes. We also create embroidered flowers, lace flowers, patches and of course butterflies. The largest component of a gypsy piece is about 6”x6” and the smallest is less than 1/2”. Once the pieces are embroidered or trimmed they are sorted by color. I start with a silhouette of the design I am creating and then slowly build the layers of flowers and elements, mixing all of these styles and colors together to form something completely new. I love how all of the patterns, colors and textures swirl together. The closer you get to one of the pieces the more detail you will notice. Each gypsy style piece is completely unique. 

12x26x2 inches, framed in acrylic.


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