Butterfly Surprise - Special Order 12"x12"

cus-butterfly surprise-12"x12"

Special Order Butterfly Surprise

This piece is available using any luxury brand bag.

For these pieces, since I use luxury bags in the creative process I wanted to recreate a shopping bag into the pieces. This piece starts with a luxury bag that is deconstructed, embroidered and then reconstructed back into a bag shape. Luxury scarf remnants are then draped and mounted so they appear to be flowing out of the bag. Embroidered butterflies are then dimensionally mounted to appear exploding out of the bag. These pieces are available in 12”x12”,  12”x26” sizes as well as 12”x40” sizes. They can be created using most luxury brands and color combinations depending on chosen size and availability. 

Delivery Time 4-6 weeks 

All of the luxury pieces are created using up-cycled luxury items like scarves, boxes and bags. No printing or reproduction of the logos is used when creating these pieces. 


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