Bull Rider 40" x 40"

The Bull Rider scene is the largest landscape piece I have created to date, it starts with a unique landscape background. The landscape is created with layers of luxury materials that are all uniquely embroidered. There are even sections that are created with ribbons and luxury wrapping materials. The bull is created using a luxury scarf that is padded, embroidered and appliquéd. The rider is constructed with vintage denim and western fabrics. The bull and rider are mounted in relief against the majestic background. 

Available on any brand background. 

size - 40"x40"x2" 

The art comes framed in Acrylic and is signed and numbered by the artist. 

Each Piece is created custom for you, the Though Bubbles take 4-6 weeks to create.

Ordering Process - Once you place your order a sales representative will reach out to discuss all of your options like scarf selection, background colors, design and thread colors. 



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