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Tarot reading has been an important divination tool since ancient times. Interpreting the cards can help gain insight into both the past, present, and future; developing the ability to examine your struggles and goals from different outlooks and angles on a cosmic scale. Our recently released artworks are influenced by the unique intricacies of this ancient craft; taking inspirations from the highly symbolical and pattern-filled art nouveau style. Every suit within the Tarot deck represents a certain aspect of life; from cups representing emotions and feelings to swords illustrating intellect and thoughts. By combining all these elements, our newest designs capture the perfect combination of art, design, history and craft that is Tarot. We hope you find beauty in exploring this illustrative and fun collection.



“From the beginning of my art career I've used symbolism, imagery and iconography to convey powerful messages. Tarot cards are the newest symbols to be incorporated into my pieces, bringing an ancient form of storytelling onto a modern canvas.” - Stephen Wilson


Our Second Life Series offers a unique approach to exploring the many symbols of Tarot. Each piece of art featured in the series emphasizes intricate detail and symbolism, allowing you to really feel immersed within your own journey. Spanning a range of sizes from 12" x 12" up to 26" x 26", you can choose cards that are sized according to your individual preference. We've worked just as hard on our upcoming selections as we did with our current collection, so be sure to keep an eye out for more amazing styles coming soon!