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The lion represents strength and was one of the first large scale pieces that I created in this series. The 12” size is created using a single luxury bag or box while the larger sizes are created from luxury boxes and bags that are deconstructed, collaged and then embroidered into one large background. The background is further decorated with stars or other decorative details. The lion is created a few different ways depending on the size. The smaller lion is created entirely from thread while the larger sizes are created using layers of embroidered and appliquéd silk. Once the lion is embroidered it is mounted in relief off of the background. The Lion pieces are available using the packaging from any brand and in multiple color variations. This is a truly customizable piece. available for each work, it's now easy to own a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects your unique style and vision. The design process for each variant takes approximately two weeks. each piece comes accompanied with luxury packaging and framed in acrylic. reach out for more information.


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