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Now, displaying more than one art piece in your home has never been easier! In the past, the difference in sizes and frames of work made it difficult to create a cohesive and beautiful salon wall. With this modularity system, each piece is now in a set system of measurements, allowing for a super easy selection process of various sized pieces. A grouping of 12" x 12" pieces can easily hang next to a 26" x 26" piece as long as 2" are in between!

Here is a measurement guide for how the pieces hang to form groupings. All sizes go together and are completely interchangeable. It is essential to hang the pieces so that a 2" gap is created between each. Whether you're hanging two pieces or thirty, the measurements will always stay the same.  

Also seen above is the back of a 12" x 12" art piece. Each pieces comes with a metal cleat pre-attached to the back. Another cleat is given to be mounted onto the wall. The bottom of the wall cleat to the top of the art piece will measure 2". The horizontal measurement from the sides of the art piece to the edge of the cleat measure roughly 4.5". And from the bottom of the piece to the bottom of the cleat will be 10". 

If you are hanging multiple pieces of various sizes, such as a 26" x 26" piece and five 12" x 12" pieces for instance, always hang the provided wall cleats as if they are all 12" x 12" pieces. This will allow for an easy re-arrangement whenever you want!

Amazing installations can be achieved by mixing styles and sizes!


Take a look at our variety of installs! Whether it's designing a modular piece arrangement or installing a permanent butterfly kit, we're here to help. 

From any style, size or color, every luxury piece is designed to fit perfectly in a grid for a modular wall arrangement. There are so many ways to arrange and re-arrange your very own wall of pieces from the Luxury Collection - and we're here to help! Let us guide you in creating the most beautiful arrangement of pieces fit for any desired space. Whether it's a 12 or 32 block grid, your wall space and selection of pieces will be unlike anyone else's!

Seen above is a wall arrangement filled with various sizes of pieces. With so much to choose from it can be a tricky process to find the perfect styles to pair together. To start your own arrangement, email us and we'll create your very own mock-up!


No space is the same after a Butterfly Installation. The concept of creating individual butterflies for an in-store or at home installation has been a long term project with the most beautiful results. Now, you can design your very own butterfly swarm one at a time. With over 20 different butterfly breeds offered (each in 4 sizes), the possibilities are endless. Each butterfly comes mounted and molded on an acrylic base creating each wing to look like they're in motion. The butterflies come easy to hang using their included 3M command strips. Using this method allows you to move and reposition them as you add or move your installation.

Seen above is a blue tonal Butterfly Installation made up with numerous butterfly breeds in a 4" size. The 4” size butterflies have over 50,000 delicately embroidered stitches, while the larger 10” butterflies have over 200,000.


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