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Modularity Explained

When designing a display that calls for more than one piece, it can get a little tricky. That's why we're here to help guide you in following the correct way set up your modular arrangement. In the past, sizes of pieces and frames made it difficult to match up perfectly to create that in sync salon wall. With this system, it is now very easy to pick out a coordinating group of sizes and pieces to combine and fill large areas of space. 




Cleat Measurements                               

On the back of every 12" x 12" piece, a 3" inch wide cleat is pre-attached to the back; ready to be mounted on the wall. The bottom of the wall cleat to the top of the piece measures 2" inches. The horizontal measurement from the sides of the piece to the edge of the wall cleat measure roughly 4.5" inches. And from the bottom of the art piece to the bottom of the cleat measures 10" inches. 


Spacing For Wall Cleats

Wall cleats should be spaced in order to keep a 2" inch spacing between all the pieces. It does not matter whether you're hanging two pieces or thirty, the measurements will always stay the same. It's important to remember to arrange and install each cleat as if each piece you are hanging is a 12" x 12" size. This will allow you to arrange and re-arrange every size of piece whenever desired, without having to hang more wall cleats. 



Maintenance For Acrylics

For general cleaning and scratch repair on pieces, we recommend the Novus line of acrylic cleaners and restoration products. At minimum, we suggest using the Novus 1 plastic clean and shine bottle for everyday care in removing prints and dust. Only use a micro-fiber towel when cleaning acrylics to prevent scratching.

We also recommend using nitrile gloves when when handling the art pieces in order to prevent finger prints from forming onto the acrylic cases. When using any of the recommended products, please follow the manufacturers instructions for use. All of our recommended cleaning and maintenance supplies are readily available on Amazon.