A flutter of Inspiration

The concept of creating individual butterflies for home installations has been a long term project. No room is the same, just like butterflies. Whether you’re piecing a dozen or selecting hundreds, they’re made to captivate the viewer and reflect on the light it is transferring onto a wall. Each butterfly, with thousands of unique stitches, is meant to keep the viewer forever fascinated about the space they’ve created.

“Butterflies have been a repetitive symbol since the start of my work. The Shine A Light When It’s Gray Out series was created with bodies of work that reflected light in the midst of so much uncertainty. I think it’s time to bring that same light into the spaces we protect the most, our homes.”

Concept to Creation

Every butterfly is digitized and embroidered by hand in the studio. Photographs of real butterfly breeds are used for inspiration to ensure each butterfly is realistic in design. When the designs are sent to the machine, multiple butterflies are stitched at the same time with over 15,000 stitches in each one. Once the embroidery is finished, each butterfly is hand trimmed and all loose threads are snipped away. The end product is a beautiful, lifelike butterfly ready to be installed on your wall. 

Every kit comes with the necessary supplies to make the mounting of each butterfly an easy process, to any plaster or sheet rock wall surface. You can find the butterfly mounts and a design template to complete the installation. The only necessary tool the installer will have to provide is a hot glue gun, a drill 

While the smaller sized butterfly kits can be used to highlight existing artworks or become focal points in a bedroom, you might be looking to display hundreds of butterflies swarming over your entire staircase or even a kitchen! For larger spaces multiple kits are advised. You can easily combine the large and small tonal kits together. 



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