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Retail Refresh program

Our goal at the studio is for you to be a successful retail partner and we always want to provide you with amazing artwork to sell in your location. We obviously want you to sell the pieces as as well as order more, but choosing the perfect piece every time is never easy.

Here is how our wholesale program currently works: You choose the piece of art you like, we ship the piece, you sell the piece, and then we repeat the process. What happens when you choose a piece that you love but didn’t sell in your store? Until now, you would sit on the inventory or have a sale and hope someone purchases it.

For all of our qualifying retailers, we are starting a twice-yearly Refresh Program; this allows you to send back the pieces that aren’t selling and replace them with new pieces. We all know having fresh pieces are better than having pieces that sit too long. Is there a catch? Not at all! We can start the initial refresh for all eligible retailers now and then do another refresh in 6 months. However, there are a few guidelines to the program.

To find out, more read on...

Step One

Set up meeting with your rep to get the process started. All of our retail partners in good standing qualify for the program.

Step two

Your rep will review the pieces with you and determine which ones qualify for a refresh. After this initial refresh, we'll send a complete list of pieces that qualify going forward.

Step three

It will be your responsibility to then carefully package, label, and send the pieces back to us. They must be in resellable condition when they arrive to us.

step four

Once they arrive back to the studio, we will check in the pieces and verify their condition.

step five

You will then select your new pieces from our approved list, which will be based on the dollar value of the pieces you sent back to us. We will then send the pieces you've chosen to your store. It's that easy!


1. The retail partner must be in good standing and a current dealer, placing orders at least every three months to qualify.

2. Only select 12"x12", 12"x26", and 26"x26" pieces qualify for the refresh. Your rep can send you a complete list of qualifying pieces.

3. Any commissions or custom order pieces do not qualify for the refresh.

4. The new pieces we send as the re-fresh must be chosen from a curated list. This list includes all of our best selling pieces: Our goal is to always make sure you have the best pieces in your store.

5. Select albums are available for refresh.

6. Your anniversary date will start once you complete your first refresh and will repeat every 6 months from that date.

7. There is a limit to 8 pieces every six months.

8. The value of your refresh will be calculated based on the purchase price of the piece.