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About the petite series

The petites are among my best selling series. Each petite features luscious embroidery, stitched directly through either a luxury box, shopping bag or scarf. The artwork is then mounted and adorned with embroidered butterflies, lace flowers, appliqués or other elements. Each piece is unique and is presented in an acrylic frame that can either be placed on a flat surface or hung on a wall using the included hardware.

The finished pieces measure either 5”x5”x2” or 12”x5”x2”

Our retail partners have access to additional petites than our website displays on the retail side of the side.You do not have to do anything to view these petites, they are shown in their normal categories and are unlocked when you log in to your wholesale account.

Each petite is created by Stephen

Each luxury piece is crafted by Stephen Wilson using embroidery, collage, assemblage and up-cycling techniques. The end result is a unique dimensional art piece.


Each Luxury Piece starts with up-cycled packaging Shopping bags, ribbons, boxes and scarves.

Everything is embroidered

The materials are collaged together and embroidered to create unique backgrounds for each piece.


Each piece is embellished with embroidered butterflies and other decorative elements. All of the butterflies, appliqués and decorative pieces are created in our studio.


Every petite comes framed in acrylic and is signed and numbered on the back.

New styles every week

The petites come in dozens of different styles and make the perfect gift for any art or fashion lover.

The perfect gift

If one of your customers are looking for the perfect gift, the petites are a great suggestion. Our petites become collectible items for our customers.