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shopify collective

I have some good news for you, it's an opportunity to Dropship!  Many of you have requested this and we have a solve that we'd like to open up to our Flasgship clients first:)  Through Shopify, we found a way to give you access to a collection of pieces that you could post on your site for sale. This would include pieces from our Luxury line, the Album Series, and our Petites.  At this point, since it's offered through Shopify, you would need to be a current Shopfiy user. Some of the great benefits are that you don't pay for these pieces until they sell, nor is there a need to stock them. This also increases the visibility of the line to ALL of your clients and not just those that are walking in your door.So, if you are a current Shopify user please reach out to me and let's chat ...there is literally no reason not to!

powered by shopify

Collective is a new tool ofered by Shopify to add products to your site with ease. You need to be on shopify to qualify for this program, do at least 50k in online sales per year and accept shop-pay. Visit the shopify for more info on qualifying.

Step One

We make our products available to you on collective. This includes price, description and all product images.

Step two

You select which of the offered products you want to add to your site. You can select only the ones you want.

Butterfly Swarm 12”x12” - Stephen Wilson Studio

step three

You will then make the product active on your site, add to your desired store menu or portion of your website. You do not have to add details, descriptions or photos to the product.

Cherry Blossom 12"x12" - Stephen Wilson Studio

step four

Sell the product. Once the the product sells, you will charge your customer as you would normally charge them for any product.

step five

We are notified of the sale and we ship the product. Once we fulfill the product, Shopify will deduct our portion of the sale from your Shopify account into ours.

Speak to your rep for information, we will walk you throught the process step-by-step. This is a very easy process and could change the way you sell product online.