Majestic Butterflies 26"x26"

This new series encompasses one of my favorite subjects, the butterfly in a whole new manner. I start with the silhouette of a butterfly and incorporate imagery and icons into the wings to create an entirely new composition. All aspects of the butterfly are hand digitized and designed with each wing being filled with imagery. The themes include Celestial, Buddhas, Tarots, Florals, Spiritual themes and Animalia. I start each Majestic Butterfly by designing and embroidering the background on matte board or on up-cycled luxury boxes. The background motifs are stitched in colors to compliment the butterfly. The butterfly itself is stitched using over 500,000 stitches of embroidery thread and mounted dimensionally over the background so it appears to float over the canvas.


They are available on any brand background. 

26" x 26" x 2" in size.

The art comes framed in acrylic and is signed and numbered by the artist. 

Each Piece is created custom for you in 4-6 weeks.

Ordering Process - Once you place your order a sales representative will reach out to discuss all of your options like scarf selection, background colors, design and thread colors. 




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