Gypsy Horse 40" x 40"

Custom Gypsy Horse

I am very excited about this new horse piece, Gypsy. The Gypsy is created in Multiple layers. The first part that I designed was the background which was inspired by vintage American quilts. We cut Hermes shopping bags into strips, piece them together and then embroider them using geometric patterns stitched in luxurious wool/cashmere blend thread. The Horse itself is created with silk appliqués and then over 500 free standing pieces are collaged onto the background. Lace flowers, flowers created with Hermes scarves as well as embroidered butterflies are added one at a time to create the stunning collage. 

Gypsy is  available on any brand background. 

size - 40"x40"x2" 

The art comes framed in Acrylic and is signed and numbered by the artist. 

Each Piece is created custom for you, the Though Bubbles take 4-6 weeks to create.

Ordering Process - Once you place your order a sales representative will reach out to discuss all of your options like scarf selection, background colors, design and thread colors. 




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