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Butterfly Swarm Kits

The concept of creating individual butterflies for home installations, has been a long term project. No room is the same, just like butterflies. Whether you're piecing together the 12-piece or 24-piece kit, they're made to captivate the viewer and reflect on the light it is transferring onto a wall. Each butterfly, with thousands of unique threads, is meant to keep the viewer forever fascinated about the space they've created. All sales are final.


"Butterflies have been a repetitive symbol since the start of my work. I think it's time to bring that same light into the spaces we protect the most, our homes."

Stephen Wilson


The new Butterfly Swarm Kits are available in 3 different options; 12-Piece Realistic Kit, 12-Piece Tonal Kit, and a 24-Piece Tonal Kit. The possibilities are endless! All sales are final.


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