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Americana, a 24 x 8 ft. Standalone work, was first installed at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Charlotte, North Carolina before traveling to the Lincoln Center in New York City. Comprised of 43 individual art pieces integrated as one work, Americana is a visual exploration of American iconography, pop culture, and art historic references. Much like a patchwork quilt, the components function on both a macro and micro level, with individual details that stand on their own but together weave a larger visual narrative. The finished product is an engrossing adventure of storytelling in which the viewer plays a participatory role in crafting their personal experience.


The creation of Wilson's Americana was serendipitous in many ways. As Wilson has long been intertwined in American craft, using both traditional and untraditional techniques for more than 20 years. Throughout those years, Wilson designed dozens of different collections based on the American West. When one thinks of Americana - cowboys, quilts and desert landscapes come to mind. Wilson wanted to bring the core of this classic American genre to life through his use of advanced technologies, masterful compositions, and integration of American textiles.


The Statistics:

224 square feet
32,256 square inches
43 individual art pieces
2,387 individual components
35,000,000 stitches


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